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Speakers Bureau

Aging in Place Speakers Bureau members educate the community about how to plan for aging in place and about the wide range of resources that are available to support seniors. READ MORE >

Transportation Services

Dignified Transportation for Seniors.
The members of the South Carolina Aging in Place Coalition support ITNCharlestonTrident (Independent Transportation Network) as one of its major initiatives. READ MORE >

Member Resources

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It's official....we've stepped up! We are now the Greater Charleston Chapter of the National Aging in Place Council! Visit us at:




Aging in Place means being able to remain in one’s chosen residence while securing desirable support services in response to changing needs.

All people who desire to remain in their residence as they age can do so.

The South Carolina Aging In Place Coalition is a non-profit organization advocating for people to prepare to remain in their residence -- independently, comfortably and safely.

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